screendot is a modern, high performance, high feature, low cost API for taking screenshots of webpages that's built with developers in mind.

All-in-one platform

Enjoy our developer-first screenshot API, sign up for a 5 day no-commitment trial or use our free account for 1000 shots a month.

Best Price

A free account gives you 1,000 screenshots a month and the pricing goes all the way down to $0.50 per 1,000 as you scale up.

High Quality

screendot supports high quality screenshots, and you can customize your browser size to whatever resolution you need.

Any Device

Fully control the browser viewport allowing you to simulate mobile phones, tablets, desktops and more.


Automatically resize images to any thumbnail (or larger) size you need while automatically maintaining the aspect ratio.

Flexible Formats

Choose JPG, PNG, GIF or even WebP formats for your screenshots, all converted on-the-fly by screendot.

Optional CDN

Don't want to store the images yourself? Use our CDN to serve your screenshots quickly and efficiently.

Developer Responses

Choose what gets returned to you - the image, or a JSON array with the image ID, CDN URL, image information, sizes and more.

Custom Delay

Need to wait longer for a page to load? You can control the wait time delay with screendot, ensuring your page renders.

Get started with a free account that entitles you to 1,000 screenshots per month, and upgrade when you are ready.

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