We Care

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Advent cares about the world around us, and we do our best to support the community and the planet we all live on.


Advent is a carbon-negative company, and contributes 1% of all revenue to carbon removal projects.

This has been the case since the company was founded. We've donated 1% of every cent we've made to the climate.

Being carbon-negative is about more than just donations and offsets though - we develop our applications to use as little resources as possible, leveraging server-less and cloud-native technology to consume as little resources as possible, and scaling-in and out as required.

I created a little nudge for myself to remind me that every time I turn the lights on CO2 is produced.
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We try to donate back to the community wherever possible, and spend ~10% of our revenue sponsoring open-source projects.

We believe in supporting open-source, and paying developers for their hard work. Open-source projects help us to be a lighter, cleaner and more efficient company, and we believe individuals should be fairly compensated by corporations making money from their work.

It can be difficult to track and sponsor every library in products as large as ours, so we select those that contribute the most to our products.

We are currently sponsoring:

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