Advent creates modern SaaS products and online services.

Advent Development is a software development firm creating modern SaaS applications like LoadForge and gaming communities like WalkStory.

We pride ourselves on high quality, community experiences and leading-edge software solutions that are fairly priced.



Modern load testing for websites, APIs and servers. LoadForge generates large numbers of users to load test app for cents.

Load Testing & Stress Tests


WalkStory provides the most relevant walkthroughs, tips, guides and tricks for games and presents them in a central location.

Walkthrough and Tips Index

Cryptocurrency price predictions and forecasting for coins over $500m in market cap for the next 7, 14 and 30 days.

Crypto Price Prediction

Sold Sites & Services

Advent has sold several popular sites to new owners over the years, and we keep a list of those properties here for interests sake.

MMO Population

An online service to track the user counts of popular massively multiplayer online games.

Chasing Coins

A crypto-currency coin tracker, portfolio and news site.